You might be having life insurance, medical insurance, and even homeowner insurance policies. If there is a car, you may even have purchased a car insurance policy. Okay, so you are satisfied with these many insurance policies for covering you well after encountering adversity. 

Well, do not be! This is because you still have not protected your pet, valuables and identity theft risk. Yes, you can protect them as well by buying the respective insurance policy. Keeping this in mind, here are some more insurance policies to have:

Renter’s Insurance

This is the policy to have if you are living on rent. As you are on rent, it is not your responsibility to take care of major or building repairs or maintenance. However, you are certainly responsible for taking care of your valuables kept in your rented apartment. This is where a renter’s insurance policy will come to your rescue.

It protects you if your possessions get smashed due to fire, earthquake, flooding or home damage. It also covers stolen things from your bike or car. You need to maintain a list of your valuable things such as electronics to know the extent of protection required to keep the risk of paying more premiums at bay.

Long-term Care Insurance

Nobody will think of a future wherein one becomes unable to take care of one’s own self. However, there cannot be precise foretelling that this will never happen. So, it is better to be ready for it. You may say that a health insurance policy is sufficient but you also know that it does not cover some critical services such as reimbursement for the aid required for performing daily chores in old age.

So, a long-term care insurance policy will cover the expenses you incur for help in using the washroom and bathing. It is better to get one soon, as you may later not qualify for it once you have a debilitating condition.

Identify Theft Protection

Sadly, identity theft is on the rise these days wherein someone uses your confidential or personal information for initiating illicit acts. Different types of identity thefts exist such as bank account, medical identity and tax identity thefts. It is not necessary that you will face one of them but it is always wise to stay prepared for it.

If you have an identity theft insurance policy, it can cover the expenses of identity theft. So, with it, you can certainly save several dollars.

Personal Article Insurance

This is a policy to consider if you have an expensive laptop, watch, smartphone, jewelry or an engagement ring. If they are lost or damaged in any way, replacing them is certainly going to be expensive.

However, with this policy, you can replace the damaged or lost expensive item without paying for it from your pocket. These can be items even outside your home. Even a floater can be added to the existing insurance policy to get this coverage. For this, you can contact your home or renter’s insurance company.

Pet Insurance

Most of us love to rear a pet at home. However, very few of them think of getting a medical insurance policy for their pets. Most pet owners witness an emergency surgery of their pets at least once in the lifetime of their pets.  

Well, these huge medical expenses are covered by a pet insurance policy. You can save a lot of money if you have it. You can consult your vet to buy the best policy that is accepted at the clinic.

Conclusion All these policies are worth having to get more extensive protection at the right time.


Sandra D ’Connell is a firm believer of financial freedom by financial empowerment due to which she is passionate about writing on different related topics. She had been working as a financial advisor for almost 10 years after which she decided to become a freelance consultant. However, Sandra has more than 5 years of experience in business management and public relations, as these were her secondary roles. She has also gained a few certifications for giving timely guidance and practical solutions during this period. Today, she spends most of the time writing and reviewing the posts related to finance and business.

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