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  • Am I fast enough to join?

    By far the biggest concern of potential new members! I always say that if you are happy jogging for an hour on hilly trails, walking some of the uphill then you will be absolutly fine on any of our training sessions. It doesn’t make sense to tell you what pace we run at, or how far a training session is as they are all different. The sessions are all structured to suit a range of abilities and we often have a slower and a faster group set off, or sometimes we run together but the faster people are always happy to wait for others to catch up.

  • What should I bring to training?

    Running clothing, shoes appropriate for trail/fell/offroad, a waterproof jacket if it looks like it might be needed and a headtorch if it is getting dark by about 2030. You can bring food and drink also in a small backpack/bumbag, but most people don’t.

  • What shoes are the best?

    Any of these would be good, most people wear something made by Inov8 or Salomon, the Inov8 Mudclaw is good for winter, the Salomon Speedcross is good if you want a bit more cushioning.

  • How do I join?

    First come along and try out a few sessions and get to know us. Then you can send us a message here and we will put you in contact with our membership secretary.

  • Why should I join a running club?

    Everyone gets something different out of being in a club, so this is tricky to answer. A few of the benefits are:

    • Structured training, whatever your goals our coaches can help and advise you on the best way to get to them.
    • Race advice, chat to members on here and at training and be inspired to try that race that otherwise you wouldn’t have heard of.
    • Camaraderie, see members out on training runs, or at races and be cheered on by people you don’t even know. Go on DFR!!!
    • Motivation, come to training is a great reason to get out on a dark and raining winters evening.
    • Advice, on everything from injuries to routes to the best way to avoid chaffing, feel free to ask.

  • What is the session this week, is it suitable for beginners?

    Most sessions are advertised on here and the programme is on our website. Almost all are suitable for new members, but if you aren’t sure then ask by posting on Facebook or messaging us. Our coach is always keen to make sure sessions are well adaptable for all.

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